What Employers Say - Blitzing the Interview (Part 1)

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At Jobs for Life Vermont, we have employers who give advice on how to handle interviews or who conduct 'mock' interviews with participants to give them a practice run before the real thing.   

We asked several of these employers to identify their top 3 tips for blitzing interviews.

Here is the advice from the first two of our participating employers. Simple basic tips to get you off on the right foot.


Raj Singh

Managing Director - South Pacific, Anixter

Raj's career is in business and corporate sales. Anixter International is a leading global distributor of Network & Security Solutions, Electrical & Electronic Solutions and Utility Power Solutions.

Raj participates in Jobs for Life Vermont as a 'mock interviewer'.  See his LinkedIn profile here    

1. Smile! 

Have a friendly approach when you start the interview. It helps to break the ice and gives the interviewer an opportunity to know you as a person.

2. Be prepared with questions about the role, the company/ organization.

This shows good initiative and a real interest to work with the company. Remember, interviews are a two-way process. It gives the employer a chance to get to know you, and you a chance to get to know them. Ask about the history, the current focus/objectives the company is working on and the culture of the organization.

3. At the Close: Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback on how you did in the interview and what the next step is in the process. If appropriate, ask if you can have the job.

Justin Simpson.jpg

Justin Simpson



State Director & CEO, Scripture Union Victoria

Justin has had a career in both corporate business and the Non-Profit sector.  

Justin is one of the employers who have presented sessions at Jobs for Life Vermont. See his Linked In profile here


1.   Research the company and the role.

a.   Why is the role being advertised

b.   Where does the role fit in the organisation

c.   What are the key success indicators of the role.  (Knowing this helps you share your relevant skills and experience in the interview.)

2.  Relate warmly to the interviewers

a.   Use the interviewers’ names throughout interview

b.   Smile when greeted and leaving and during interview.

c.    Look them in the eye.

d.   Don’t focus on just one interviewer.  (It’s a tendency to focus on the most senior person or the male interviewer – don’t!)

3. Think about the question. 

Try to understand what the interviewer is trying to discover about you (your personality/ experience/ work ethic/ strength/ weakness). 

Demonstrate your relevant skills and experience and strengths related to the question.

[Photo credits: Title photo by geralt on Pixabay used under Creative Commons.  Headshots courtesy of Raj Singh & Justin Simpson. Used with permission]