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Discover your purpose.


Rediscover hope in your search for meaningful employment.


The content of the Jobs for Life material provides an emphasis on the importance of character in the workplace. Through the course students reflect on their journey and identify any obstacles or roadblocks they may have, and develop a plan to overcome them. Tools are provided to assist students discover interests and skills and match these with a career path. Support is provided for students to find pathways through their struggles, in order to become ‘job ready’. 

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Character Development

Students are encouraged to become self-aware in order to discover career fields that fit with their unique strengths and interests, as they gain an understanding of their identity and value as individuals.

Topics that highlight the value of character include:

  • hard work and reliability
  • a positive outlook
  • respect for authority
  • personal responsibility
  • teamwork.   
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Skills Development

Students are given the opportunity to develop positive relationships on the journey, develop self-discipline to reach their goals, and rediscover hope in their search for meaningful employment.

Practical sessions are taught on the skills required to find employment, including how to:

  • develop a vocational plan 
  • develop a resume and write an effective cover letter
  • network 
  • research job possibilities 
  • prepare for interviews.
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